Creating conversations that matter. The world has changed  dramatically in recent years.  The customer has changed,  so has the market.  The way we communicate has changed.  Have you changed?  Leede Research understands that marketing and research must change as well.  We need to help clients build relationships by creating conversations with key stakeholders.  We do this with innovative tools for your high-level projects, like ethnographics and the best ideas in web site usability. Tap into our cutting-edge online tools like Adaptive Descrete Choice, Adaptive Conjoint Analysis or Customer Value Analysis. Access the best national and international panels for speed and efficiency using mobile tools to conduct real-time, location specific research never before possible.  Add to this a new story-based reporting process and you have all you need to a succeed . Confidence offers the ability to move product, advance services and build loyalty. We are partners in your business and your personal success!

Our expertise leads to your success.

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Engagement Platforms | Online Programs | ConsumerTrax Development Suite | Ethnographic Research | Qualitative Research
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Leede Solutions will offer Engagement Platforms and Tools
 That are Powerful, Flexible, Scalable and Affordable

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