Product & ServiceTrax

  • New products and services may be more important today than at any time in recent history
  • The consumer is changing faster than many companies realize. They are moving away from being part of the masses to being true individuals that want the product or service that is right for them
  • They are becoming less trusting and more savvy in consumer decision making
  • Leede offers a proven methodology for helping product and service development professionals evaluate key concepts and focus the ultimate development process on the best options to meet both your business goals and market needs
  • Clients can choose from both qualitative and quantitative processes that can generate sound information to help you evaluate product concepts against each other or against existing offerings from you or key competitors
  • These are offered in stand-alone or system environments. In system settings the tools are built to leverage information over time and evaluate product historically against key metrics both internally and externally.

Product Usability Testing

  • Usability is the ease of use and learn-ability of a human-made object
  • Usability differs from user satisfaction and user experience because usability also considers usefulness and function
  • Usability in the product development process can offer a new and added dimension to product design and improvement
  • It can look at the way the user interacts with your product and improve functionality
  • The process can help identify factors that the consumer often cannot verbalize
  • It can also help to better understand the true role of new features and technology in consumer usage
  • We can place work across the country or access localized panels at our office
  • Our goal is simple, provide clients with strong project designs generating actionable information to improve your products.

In-Home Usage Testing (IHUT)

  • Understanding how your consumer responds to your product in a normal usage setting is critical to the overall success of your product
  • Cost effective and practical way for you to test your product with targeted consumers
  • New technologies and options have expanded the potential, increased study speed and reduced costs
  • Leede offers a variety of options designed to address both information and budget needs of the client
    • Local Panel IHUT's
    • National Panel IHUT's
    • Mobile Panel IHUT's
    • Hybrid Mixed Formats


  • BrandTrax is a system developed with our agency partners utilizing our ConsumerTrax - Rapid Deployment System
  • This offers both qualitative and quantitative evaluation processes that can help get under the brand and determine key messaging and positioning of existing brands or new options
  • Testing utilizing Leede’s dedicated consumer panels can complete this work quickly and on budget
  • This provides the agency and clients with a clean, third party read on the brand that can be used to maximize effectiveness


  • Packaging may have to separate you from competitors in a crowded category
  • It may have to communicate a key value proposition that must be communicated quickly and efficiently
  • PackagingTrax is a proven tool for testing and evaluating packaging options whether on existing or newly developed products
  • In many categories consumers make the decision at the store shelf
  • This process can tap both qualitative and quantitative tools and give you the information needed to maximize packaging ROI.


  • Many consumer purchase decisions are made at the store display and may take only seconds to complete
    • Does your product draw the attention of consumers?
    • Does packaging provide customers with meaningful information that influences their selection?
    • How does your product perform against key competitors in the real world setting?
  • These are all questions that can be answered by the DisplayTrax system
  • We can set up store-like displays and test consumer selection and response to your product and that of key competitors
  • This system can be used for mixed displays, special programs or end cap displays

Voice of the Employee (VoE)

  • We often hear of the importance of Voice of the Customer in product development but in many settings Voice of the Employee is also a valuable tool
  • Your staff interacts with the customer, channel partners and other internal staff.  They offer a unique perspective in product development that can be tapped to help bring better products to market that fit your business goals and model and meet key needs in the organization
  • Leede Research has a variety of tools that can be used to capture VoE - these can be one-time tools or part of an ongoing feedback program
  • Leede even has access to sophisticated idea generation and evaluation systems that can be used by companies to drive innovation and shorten the development cycle