Leede Research is on the cutting edge of healthcare consumerism.  We have done significant work with all of the stakeholders in the healthcare equation.  Insurers and Providers have started coming together to build better tools to address the broken consumer trust that exists in today's healthcare.  Employers are also concerned as High Deductible plans are creating confusion and medical debt in their workforce.

Leede will also be offering an innovative Healthcare Engagement Platform that goes beyond any current offering in the industry.  The platform is built on technology designed for the leading brands in the nation and brings together key stakeholders in health into a single system to help the consumer, build trust and improve compliance.

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Dean HalversonDean Halverson

The Founder and President of Leede Research, Dean has over 35 years of business and consumer research experience and specializes in healthcare, insurance, consumer goods, advertising evaluation and more. | E-mail Dean

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