Learning from Direct Experience

Leede has strong experience in Ethnography. Leede offers Ethnographic Research capabilities such as:
  • In-home Interviews(including access thru mobile panels)
  • Shop along
  • Meal Preparations
  • Workplace Interviews

Ethnographic studies give the researcher the opportunity to observe respondents in the natural context of their daily lives. Ethnography allows for a depth and intimacy of research that is not possible with other research methodologies.

We have the capacity to assist in all areas of ethnographic research including:
  • Recruiting
  • Screener Design
  • Interviewing
  • Management of directions and other project specifics

Mobile panel access allows for ethnographic work in combination with quantitative interviewing and placements across the country to garner broader geographic access.

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The following professionals at Leede Research Group will be able to help you with all your needs:

http://leede.com/sites/leede.com/assets/images/default/IMG_2249.jpgDeborah Seim

Vice President of The Leede Group, Deborah has over a decade of experience in market research, qualitative research and usability testing and is a member of the Minnesota Usability Association. | E-mail Deborah

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