New Approaches for Qualitative

Leede Research has been a leader in qualitative tools and services for many years.  As the industry continues to change and evolve Leede has been there developing best practices to help our clients gather better information and leverage tight budgets.  Our goal is to give clients efficient programs that allows them to get the actionable information to advance their goals.

Qualitative Interviewing Tools

  • IDI's - In-Depth Interviews - Phone & Personal
  • Small Group Interviews - 3 to 6 Participants
  • Traditional Focus Groups - 9 to 12 Participants
  • Large Group Discussion & Moderation - Typically Event Based

Leede's experience generates strong project design and we offer a pool of Moderators versed in a variety of industry and product specialties.  Add to this our superior recruiting and facilities and you have the ideal partner for your qualitative needs.

Leede Offers Both Full-Service and Component Assistance Find an Expert Seim
As VP of Leede Minneapolis Deborah has 20 years of qualitative experience with some of the biggest companies and brands in the country. email Deborah