Live Customer Experience

  • Interact with your customers in real time and know when they are at any location in your network
  • Customizable app
  • Geo-fencing and allows you to know when a subscriber enters any location in your network
  • You can greet them, measure customer experience and even communicate with them after the process to increase compliance

Community Needs Assessment

  • IRS requires that non-profit hospitals complete a Community Needs Assessment Process every three years and have that information on file for the public
  • This is designed to generate an action plan that must be implemented in the community.
  • Leede has experience in these projects and has a range of services available to help providers address key needs both internally and externally
  • Requirements include reaching under served populations in the community
  • We can offer you strong program designs and cost-effective tools to not only meet the IRS requirements but also provide direct benefits for the organizations that partner in this process

Consumerism Tools

  • Cutting edge of healthcare consumerism. We have done significant work with all of the stakeholders in the healthcare equation.
  • Insurers and Providers have started coming together to build better tools to address the broken consumer trust that exists in today's healthcare.
  • Employers are also concerned as High Deductible plans are creating confusion and medical debt in their workforce.
  • Leede will also be offering an innovative Healthcare Engagement Platform that goes beyond any current offering in the industry.

Service Line Development

  • Maximizing opportunities in profitable and key service lines are more important than ever before
  • Leede does over 40% of its annual volume in product development work.
  • We have developed sound systems for testing and assessing new products and services and giving clients key information to make decisions and move forward.
  • Combined with our extensive background in health, makes Leede a strong partner to help you understand healthcare consumerism and position your organization for the future.

Critical Access Certification

  • Leede offers a strong base of experience working with small or rural healthcare organizations to gain Critical Access status and improve reimbursement under Medicare rules.
  • Leede has been conducting these studies for many years and has proven tools and designs that can help drive the future of your organization.
  • While we have strong tools and experience, all work is custom designed to meet the specific needs of the individual client and market.

Employer Tools

  • Employers still provide approximately 60% of healthcare coverage in the U.S.
  • They are providing significant steerage for their employees, especially in self-insured environments.
  • Leede has experience working with employers to understand their unique healthcare needs.
  • We can help identify partnering opportunities that can make providers part of the solution to the future of healthcare at companies in your area.
  • Studies can include Employer Satisfaction, Employer Market Studies and even Employer CVA's or Customer Value Analysis.

Employee & Physician Work

  • Understanding the internal environment can be extremely important in today’s environment
  • Understanding how key staff feels about your organization and the future can help you align resources and drive future growth
  • Leede has both the experience and tools to help clients better understand their current internal environment.
  • Employee attitude and satisfaction can be a key tool in customer experience and loyalty.
  • Physicians are another key resource in provider systems
  • Leede has worked with Physicians in both satisfaction and referral settings, helping provider organizations understand how to maximize the value of their physician relationships
  • We have experience reaching physicians and specialists and completing interviews that are convenient and efficient