IHUT's Have Changed!

Understanding how your consumer responds to your product in a normal usage setting is critical to the overall success of your product.  In-Home Usage Tests or IHUT's offer a cost effective and practical way for you to test your product with targeted consumers.  New technologies and options have expanded the potential, increased study speed and reduced costs.

Leede offers a variety of options designed to address both information and budget needs of the client.  

  • Local Panel IHUT's - Wisconsin & Minnesota
  • National Panel IHUT's - Broad geographic dispersal or narrow niche respondents
  • Mobile Panel IHUT's - both in-store and in-home testing with video capture
  • Hybrid Mixed Formats

Leede offers a set of capabilities never available before and provides full support services to include product handling, mailing services and more.  Recruitment can be handled in a variety of ways and video capture can provide both qualitative and lite-ethnography content.

Let Leede Help You Access Innovation

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