Broad Experience, Deep Segment Work

Leede Research is proud to be a leader in information gathering and analysis for almost 35 years!  We take great pride in having touched virtually every industry and segment with our work over that time helping clients solve problems and address needs.  We also have significant experience in key industry segments that are the focus of much of our current workload.  We have become experts in these industries and have worked from the client, through their channel partners, to the end consumer.  This is true in business and consumer settings.

We understand the drivers of these key industries and the unique challenges they face moving forward.  We have partnered with clients to drive their product development, improve customer intelligence and help them understand the effectiveness of branding and marketing programs.  This relationship has extended to partner with their agencies and consultants and provide key third-party information for better marketing and management decisions.

Let us know what we can do to help you achieve your goals for the future!


Leede is currently seeking development partnerships around its engagement platform and tools in many key industry segments.  This innovative new concept can help better connect to key stakeholder and solve specific company issues.  It can be built upon to expand benefits and improve efficiency.  Let us know if we can help you!