The Evolution of Marketing to a Conversation That Matters

Leede Solutions represents a significant expansion of our services and capabilities and is designed to meet the changing needs of customers and the marketplace.  It will go beyond the firm’s marketing information services to offer Engagement Platforms and tools.  These are designed to create a stronger relationship between stakeholders and build business.  They apply in both B2B and B2C environments.

 Engagement Platform Components

  • Education

  • Marketing

  • Rewards

  • Information

  • Connection Tools and Technology

“We have seen the marketing research world change significantly in recent years,” said Dean Halverson, CEO of Leede Research.  Traditional models for marketing and marketing research no longer apply.  Across industries, changes in marketing and related tools are occurring more rapidly than ever before.  This offering leapfrogs Leede to another level of marketing integration and has the potential to change marketing research from an event-based model to an ongoing conversation with the marketplace.  It can gather better information and be less intrusive for the respondent.  It can also tap geo-fencing to allow real-time and location-specific information to be captured.