Improving Efficiency, Reducing Travel & Costs

Qualitative Research is evolving almost as much as marketing itself.  Qualitative approaches, tools and concepts are all going through dramatic changes tied to both technology and the changing needs of clients.  Online qualitative research has advanced from simply streaming focus groups to clients to full online tools that allow for greater flexibility, geographic dispersion and reduced costs.  Leede Research has developed strong tools and resources to deliver key online qualitative resources:

  • Online Screening for Recruiting
  • Online Group Discussions
    • Small Groups
    • Focus Groups
  • Online Bulletin Board Discussions
  • Customized Tools

These tools allow for broader geographic selection without requiring additional facility, moderation or travel costs. They can bring together diverse groups and can address busy client schedules by allowing them to participate from wherever they may be when the groups are conducted.  

Leede has the full resources to leverage this great technology and save your organization time and money!  Find An Expert Seim

Vice President of The Leede Group, Deborah has over a decade of experience in market research, qualitative research and usability testing and is a member of the Minnesota Usability Association. | E-mail Deborah