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Leede Research has been successful for the past 35 years by following a simple concept.  WHO you talk to is as important as what you talk to them about.  Garnering qualified, engaged participants is a key need in any qualitative project.  We have made significant investments to building the right people, tools and resources to help clients do just that.

The biggest compliment that we get is that we are often asked to recruit projects for work that we are not doing at our facility.  Clients tell us we have demonstrated a unique ability to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.  We are efficient in our work and professional in our contact to approach all levels of respondents, whether a typical consumer or a CEO or physician.

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http://leede.com/sites/leede.com/assets/images/default/IMG_2249.jpgDeborah Seim - VP Minneapolis

Deborah has over 20 years of qualitative experience and has worked with the biggest brands and organizations in the country.