Usability to Build a Stronger Connection

Leede works with some of the top retailers in the U.S. to help them better connect to their customers and the market.  We do this through our nationally recognized Usability experience and our ongoing qualitative and quantitative processes.  Leede offers one of the top facilities in the Twin Cities and has become a primary destination for online retailers testing their sites and services.

Ethnography can be used to better understand the consumer whether in the retail store, online or in their homes. Our innovative mobile panel access allows clients to understand the consumer in real time capturing video on their behavior in the home or in the store, whether it is your store or that of competitors.  This unmatched access makes Leede a top provider in the category.

Ask Leede How to Better Connect with Your Market Find an Expert Deborah Seim   E-mail Deborah
Vice President - Minneapolis - Deborah is a top Usability specialist having worked with some of the biggest national brands.  She helped to design and build Leede's West End facility from the perspective of the Client and Participant.