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Engagement Platforms from Leede Solutions offer the ideal tool for you to better connect with key stakeholders in your business both internally and externally.  It is built on a foundation of 5 key components:

Education - A powerful education platform can be used to drive an ongoing interaction with any stakeholder group.  Train employees, channel partners, even consumers in your products, services and benefits.  Create a cost effective structure for consistent education that can be built upon over time and deliver through a tool with a 10+ year track record with some of the biggest brands in business.  Over 2.5 million people are already on this platform technology.

Rewards - The rewards platform can tie into any other component of the platform and creates the structure to offer, manage and administer rewards to stakeholder groups in order to drive and increase engagement.  All of the rules and legal components are built into a system based on over 20 years of rewards experience.

Marketing - Automate your marketing with a powerful platform that can be used in sales, marketing and distribution channels.  The platform allows for key offerings across media and can reduce staff time and overall marketing costs.  It allows for total brand control and users can pay for co-marketing programs through credit card, co-op dollars or rewards points.  The system design allows for simple accounting and budgeting parameters for ease of use.

Information - Change your overall marketing research process increasing innovation, participation and efficiency.  Make your customer research more efficient and less intrusive by having an ongoing conversation with customers that can focus on both ongoing and specific needs.  Net Promoter Score, Customer Experience, Product Development and more can be completed efficiently reducing the need for outside resources.  The system can access any and all of the tools from Leede Research.

Connection - Connect with the consumer through new and innovative technology.  Leede offers a variety of solutions including consumer tracking through cell beacons and innovative social gaming options that can help you create an efficient consumer touch point in custom environments.

Leede Solutions offers a totally scalable concept that can be attached to existing resources and can be expanded and built upon over time.  The model even creates downstream revenue opportunities that can offset investments in the platforms.  We know of no one else offering this level of depth, flexibility and integration.

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